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All the Best

All the Best

My Precious
Multi-Use T-Bar
Thai Tool
Lamina Groove 
Thumb Savers
Spoonbill Tool
Effleurage Tool
Neck Release Tool
Best Friend Tool
Perfect Pressure Point 

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1 x Best Friend

Best Friend T-Bar/Shoulder Bar

1 x The Perfect Pressure Point - Multi Use Tip

Treat those painful and difficult to reach muscles on your back with relative ease.

1 x My Precious

6 tools in 1!  This is the most dynamic and useful manual therapy tool that you will ever use!

1 x Multi-Use T-Bar

The Multi-Use T-Bar can be utilized in massage therapy & reflexology.

1 x Effleurage T-Bar

Effleurage T-Bar

1 x Thumb Savers - Thumb Tool (Pair)

Thumb Savers Thumb Tool - Left & Right [Set of 2]

1 x Spoonbill Tool

T-Bar / L-Bar Hybrid

1 x Lamina Groove Massage Tool

Lamina Groove Massage Tool

1 x Jumbo Thai Massage Tool

Jumbo Thai Massage Tool

1 x Neck Release Tool

Neck Pain Relief Tool

1 x Lay-on Massage Tools

Set of 3 Lay-Ons



instead of $530.00

Note: Updated and improved version of the multi-use T-Bar will be provided in this package.  The old multi-use T-Bar is photographed.  New combo pack images coming soon.  In the mean-time, please visit the Multi-Use T-Bar product page for the updated design.