Paul St. John uses our tools in his practice daily.

"You have turned out to be quite a massage tool maker as well as a great therapist." - Paul St. John, Founder of Neuromuscular Therapy



"Hi Merrill,
I've got several of the tools that you invented.  They are awesome.  I think my favorite is the wedge tool("My Precious").  It has really been a big help to me since I bought it.  And the thumb protectors also...  They are great for these old worn out thumbs!  Thank you for making these tools available to us."

D. Schaefer


" Hi, just wanted to let you know I received my tools yesterday afternoon.  Coincidentally, I had a regular client come in for treatment last night.  I use very firm trigger point with him and he kindly agreed to allow me to experiment with my new tools.  I found the incredibly easy to use for the first time (they feel very natural in my hands) and I'm sure I will only improve with time.  More importantly, my client raved about them!!  He was able to give me feedback as I worked on him and it was hugely positive.  I was delighted and my hands didn't feel their usual soreness after his treatment.  I'm delighted with my purchase.  Very, very happy...  I'll certainly be passing on information about your tools to my therapist friends.  Thank you so very much for your fabulous product."

- Jac.

"Dear Career Extenders,
You have to be the nicest person on the planet.  I use the thumb tool on occasion but I use the L-Bar consistently.  My colleagues have since visited your website since we are all "mature" therapists trying to get in the last ten years."

- J. Parker

"I have to say  I have come to like the tools that you have sent.  I've actually had a few other people whom I've bumped in to along the way that would like a few as well.  You're doing wonderful work my friend!  I want to say "thanks" for your effort in allowing me to have the ability to use these tools.  Perhaps I can find you more business as time goes on."

- David R.