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My Precious

6 tools in 1!  This is the most dynamic and useful manual therapy tool that you will ever use!

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Update, May 2015: In the interest of always improving my tools, I noticed a bit of needless strain in my fingers when using the My Precious in one hand position.  So, I have improved the “My Precious” tool by narrowing the body a bit to accommodate the fingers in this hand position shown.  The last two images in the product images were added to demonstrate the new tool improvements.  I believe that this modification to the design of the My Precious tool will further enhance a practitioner's comfort during the application of the tool.


This is the most useful manual therapy tool that you will ever own.  This tool is a hybridization of an L-Bar and a T-Bar.  Some therapists refer to this tool as a pressure bar.  You will use this tool in your practice every single day.  This tool has been ergonomically designed to treat a dynmaic range of muscular groups, bones, joints and trigger points.  In addition to its dynamic range of treatments, this tool is designed to apply precise treatment to otherwise difficult to reach places.  Some examples might be the AC joint or the spaces inbetween the vertebrae.

This tool will conserve your energy, reduce the physical stress on your hands, and will simultaneously apply superior treatment to your clients.

     Gua Sha Therapy
     Massage Effleurage
     Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)
     Neurosomatic Therapy (NST)
     Trigger Point Therapy
     Cross Fiber Therapy
     Lamina Groove Therapy
     Spinus Process
     Transverse Process

Muscle Groups:
     Joints inbetween bones
     Achromic Clavicular Joint (AC Joint)
     Metatarsal Joint
     Metacarpal Joint
     Lamina Groove
     Arm Flexers
     Arm Extensers
     Hand Flexers
     Hand Extensers
     Splenius Cervicis
     Splenius Capitus
     Sacrum Ligaments
     Sacral Ligaments